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Spare parts for PC pumps

Largest stock of spare parts for PC pump in the Nordic

We offer stators, rotors and other parts to competitive prices and fast delivery.

We are an out and out supplier oh spare parts til progressive cavity pumps. This means that we have both the technical skill and the parts in stock to be able to deliver parts for all brands and makes of PC pumps. We have parts for all mayor brands of PC pumps, for example AHLEX, Allweiler, Bellin, Bornemann, Kiesel, Mono, Netzsch, Nemo, Nova Rotors, PCM, Resch, Seepex and Wangen.

We also have an extended knowledge and stock of all other spare parts to the PC pumps that can be needed such as couplingrods, bushings, boots, straps and housings. We make any adaption needed in our factory.
Due to our large detailed stock o rotors, stators and couplings we can deliver over 80% of orders the same day to very competitive pricing.

Questions regarding spare parts? Contact us, call +46 31-45 27 40 or email mail@mafpump.se